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Artist Albert de Belleroche: Figure sleeping, face averted
Albert de Belleroche
Figure sleeping, face averted  For sale
Artist Albert de Belleroche: Nude alongee, in front of a fireplace rear view.
Albert de Belleroche
Nude alongee  For sale
Artist William S Taylor: Audrey combing her hair, 1943
William S Taylor
Audrey combing her hair, 1943  For sale
Artist Harry Epworth Allen: Study of the artists future wife, sleeping
Harry Epworth Allen
Study of the artist's future wife  For sale
Artist Evelyn Dunbar: Florence, Marjorie and Alec at the Cedars, early 1930s
Evelyn Dunbar
Florence  For sale
Artist Alfred John Nunney: By candllelight
Alfred John Nunney
By candllelight  For sale
Artist Hubert Arthur Finney: Girl sleeping, head and shoulders
Hubert Arthur Finney
Girl sleeping, head and shoulders  For sale
Artist Alan Sorrell: Part 3, Illustration for The Broken Gates, circa 1950
Alan Sorrell
Part 3  For sale
Artist Alan Sorrell: May Morning, Putney Embankment, July 6th, 1939
Alan Sorrell
May Morning  For sale
Artist Robert Austin: Rob Aboard Ship, mid 1930s
Robert Austin
Rob Aboard Ship, mid 1930's  For sale
Artist James Woodford: Woman carrying baskets and pot plants, accompanied by a dog and a pram, circa 1925
James Woodford
Woman carrying baskets and pot plants  For sale
Artist Robert Austin: Woman sleeping, 1931
Robert Austin
Woman sleeping, 1931  For sale
Artist Robert Austin: The Bellringers Wife
Robert Austin
The Bellringer's Wife  For sale
Artist Robert Austin: Child in Bed, 1929
Robert Austin
Child in Bed, 1929  For sale
Artist Robert Austin: Peachs Bed. July 1934
Robert Austin
Peach's Bed. July 1934  For sale
Artist Dorothy Mahoney: Market Scene, circa 1926
Dorothy Mahoney
Market Scene, circa 1926  For sale
Artist Robert Austin: Mother leaning over cot, circa 1930
Robert Austin
Mother leaning over cot, circa 1930  For sale
Artist Raymond Sheppard: The Artists Wife Iris Llistening to the Wireless
Raymond Sheppard
The Artist's Wife Iris Llistening to...  For sale
Artist Evelyn Dunbar: Sleeping Beauty, 10 minute sketch, c.1928 (HMO 786)
Evelyn Dunbar
Sleeping Beauty  For sale 
Artist Alan Sorrell: The Evening Signal, 1940
Alan Sorrell
The Evening Signal, 1940  For sale 
Artist Charles Mahoney: Dorethy, the artists wife, sewing, circa 1945
Charles Mahoney
Dorethy  For sale 
Artist Frederick Austin: Sleeping Woman (Cunard Line ), 1932
Frederick Austin
Sleeping Woman (Cunard Line ), 1932  For sale 
Artist David Evans: The Evening Watch
David Evans
The Evening Watch  Privately held 
Artist Winifred Knights: Portrait study of Colin Gill, circa 1921
Winifred Knights
Portrait study of Colin Gill  Privately held 
Artist Albert de Belleroche: Discarded slippers, circa 1890
Albert de Belleroche
Discarded slippers, circa 1890  Privately held 
Artist David Evans: Landscape with Starry Sky
David Evans
Landscape with Starry Sky  Sold 
Artist David Evans: Night Road
David Evans
Night Road  Sold 
Artist John Nash: Reclining model in a blue bathing suit, circa 1930
John Nash
Reclining model in a blue bathing suit  Sold 
Artist Kenneth Rowntree: Lamplight, 1945
Kenneth Rowntree
Lamplight, 1945  Sold 
Artist Winifred Knights: Study for sleeping woman for Santissima Trinita, circa 1924-30
Winifred Knights
Study for sleeping woman for...  Sold 
Artist Hubert Arthur Finney: Night Cafe, Sparta
Hubert Arthur Finney
Night Cafe, Sparta  Sold 
Artist Robert Randoll: Search lights over The Mansion House, 1916
Robert Randoll
Search lights over The Mansion House  Sold 
Artist Stephen Bone: St Paul’s and St Bride’s Floodlit, Sept. 1931
Stephen Bone
St Paul’s and St Bride’s Floodlit  Sold 
Artist Joan Herrin: Saturday night at Hulls Corner, mid 1920s
Joan Herrin
Saturday night at Hulls Corner  Sold 
Artist Daphne Rowles: Lighting up, c.1942
Daphne Rowles
Lighting up, c.1942  Sold 
Artist Louise Larking: Election night, Trafalgar Square. 1924
Louise Larking
Election night, Trafalgar Square. 1924  Sold 
Artist Charles Mahoney: Interior, student digs, mid 1920s
Charles Mahoney
Interior, student digs, mid 1920's  Sold 
Artist Gerald Cooper: Dusk over the Harbour
Gerald Cooper
Dusk over the Harbour  Sold 
Artist Muriel Juniper: Night time at the fun fair circa 1925
Muriel Juniper
Night time at the fun fair circa 1925  Sold 
Artist Louise Larking: E.V. - Twyford 1925
Louise Larking
E.V. - Twyford 1925  Sold 
Artist Frank Brangwyn: Funeral Procession (nocturn)
Frank Brangwyn
Funeral Procession (nocturn)  Sold 
Artist Harry Bush: Dusk - cottage, oaktree and rising smoke
Harry Bush
Dusk - cottage  Sold 
Artist Raymond Sheppard: St Pauls Under Attack from Zeppelin LZ-38 1915
Raymond Sheppard
St Paul's Under Attack from Zeppelin...  Sold 
Artist Victor Wood: Girls sleeping
Victor Wood
Girls sleeping  Sold 
Artist Frederick Austin: Flight into Egypt
Frederick Austin
Flight into Egypt  Sold 
Artist Margaret Dorothy Barker: Woman in Garden
Margaret Dorothy Barker
Woman in Garden  Sold 
Artist Arthur Kemp: Nocturn - looking towards the Snowden range
Arthur Kemp
Nocturn - looking towards the...  Sold 
Artist Sunderland Rollison: Fireworks over Scarborough, 1894
Sunderland Rollison
Fireworks over Scarborough, 1894  Sold