Modern British Art by Raymond Sheppard: A speeding train hurled into another.... |



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Raymond Sheppard:
A speeding train hurled into another....

Framed (ref: 1591)
Inscribed with title in pencil
Pen and ink, 3 1/2 x 3 3/8 in. (9 x 8.5 cm)

Tags: transport war

Litterature: Raymond Sheppard, Master Illustrator, Liss Fine Art, November 2010, Cat.72

This appeared in Lilliput, (vol 41:4), Operation Jericho by Sandy Sanderson Literature: Lilliput, October 1957, vol 41:4, issue 244, p 25 (reproduced)

Lilliput was founded in 1937 by Stefan Lorant , (the photo journalist who later created Picture Post), with a subtitle of “The Pocket Magazine for Everyone.” Its original size was allegedly such that it could be slipped into a soldier’s trenchcoat and was no doubt read in many an air-raid shelter in that handy size. During its 23 year run the magazine contained the illustrations of Mervyn Peake, Eric Fraser, Frank Bellamy (of Dan Dare fame) and, perhaps most famously, Ronald Searle’s cartoon series St. Trinians. 

Sheppard was one of the most prominent illustrators of his generation working for comics such as Eagle, Girl, and Swift, and magazines such as Boy’s Own
Paper, Lilliput, Everbody’s, Picture Post, and Reynolds News.

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