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Peter Wright:
Interlocking figures

Unframed (ref: 1791)
Slip cast porcelain, 7 in. high (18 cm.)

Tags: allegory Highlights of 20/21 Art Fair

About the interlocking figures they are difficult to make entirely successfully owing to distortion in the kiln. An intentional characteristic of them (a psychological one?) is that they should stand firmly together but not when separated (Letter to Barrie Liss, 21 July 1963).

It is difficult to state exactly what inspires me - this  work is the result ofall sorts of odd influences, experiences, things seen, etc. Perhaps these were partly the result of looking at clay images of very early Mediterranean cultures and at the bronze Etruscan votive figures both of these groups of images have always fascinated me  (Letter to Barrie Liss, 7 December 1962).

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