Modern British Art by Averil Mary Burleigh: The Chria, late 1920s |





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Averil Mary Burleigh:
The Chria, late 1920s

Framed (ref: 182)
Signed, inscribed with title on label to reverse
Tempera on board, 10 in. (25.4 cm.) diameter

Tags: Last Romantics

This is a typical Burleigh tempera painting of the 1920s. The enigmatic title (written on the reverse in the artist's own hand) is possibly a misspelling of Chiara (pronounced Ki-ara), which signifies light and clarity. Burleigh illustrated a number of books (especially Shakespeare), and it is possible that there is a literary connection. However, it is the decorative aspect that above all pervades this and all of Burleigh's distinctive Renaissance revival paintings. The flowers, and the medieval city in the background, are both figments of the artist's imagination. The model for this painting is likely to have been Veronica, the artist's daughter.

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