Modern British Art by Frank Brangwyn: Ashtead Potters Plate (flower), c 1930 |





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Frank Brangwyn:
Ashtead Potters Plate (flower), c 1930

Unframed (ref: 2266)
Marks: Ashtead Potters stamp with hand painted additions: ‘Bri’ and ‘X’
Ashtead Potters plate, hand painted, diameter 10 in. (25.5 cm.)

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Provenance: Edgar Peacock; Edgar Horns, Eastbourne, 20 September 2000

Brangwyn was passionate about ‘pots’, as he termed them – he collected Persian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese ceramics and such items appearendlessly in his oils, watercolours and murals.

Brangwyn produced  designs were produced commercially  mostly for Royal Doulton, but also for Foley pottery,AJ Wilkinson and Ashtead Potters.86

Brangwyn stipulated that the Royal Doulton ware should be reasonably
priced, have the appearance of hand thrown pottery, and that the
painters should be allowed a certain freedom of expression, resulting in
every item being slightly different. In addition to the Royal Doulton
trademark each item bore the legend ‘Designed by Frank Brangwyn RA’
and/or ‘Brangwyn Ware’.

Brangwyn's designs for Ashtead Potters are less well documented. This was probably a sample and may be the plate referred to in a letter from Ashtead Potters dated 29 April 1929 which suggested that ‘instead of having the flower in solid colours which is never successful with hand painted brush work, I should like to modify it somewhat.’

We are grateful to Libby Horner for assistance.

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