Modern British Art by French School: Le Coin de L’Etat Major, Côté de la Rue, 1915 |





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French School:
Le Coin de L’Etat Major, Côté de la Rue, 1915

Framed (ref: 2578)

Signed indistinctly, dated ‘10th February 1915’ and inscribed with title

Pencil with white highlights on brown paper,  9 3/4 x 12 3/4 in. (24.7 x 32.4 cm.)

Tags: war

This drawing depicts a German P .O.W. camp for French officers, with their
names marked on the bedheads. It is interesting to note that certain luxuries,
including bottles of wine, have been accorded to the French prisoners; such
privileges would have been less likely as the war progressed.

A German soldier , visiting Zossen P .O.W. camp in 1915, described the French prisoners as being of ‘every sort of training and temperament, swept here like dust by the war into common anonymity.We saw Frenchmen sorting mail in the post-office, painting signs for streets, making blankets out of pasted-together newspapers – everywhere they were treated as intelligent men to whom favors could be granted. And, of course, there was this difference between the French and English of the early weeks of the war – the French army is one of universal conscription like the German, and business men and farmers, writers, singers, and painters were lumped in together. ’ (Extract taken from Des Deutschen Volkes Kriegstagebuch, On Visiting Zossen POW Camp, 1915).

The Germans held 2.5 million prisoners during the Great War .

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