Modern British Art by Stanley Lewis: Drawing from the Antique, (The Plaster Cast Room at Newport School of Art), 1936 |





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Stanley Lewis:
Drawing from the Antique, (The Plaster Cast Room at Newport School of Art), 1936

Passe-partout (ref: 4082)

Signed, inscribed with title and dated

Pen and ink over pencil  on card, 10 3/8 x 7 7/8 in. (26.5 x 20 cm.)

Tags: life drawing Lewis

Provenance: from the artist's own collection.

Exhibited: The Unknown Artist: Stanley Lewis and his contemporaries, Cecil Higgins Art Gallery & Bedford Museum, 12th June - 5th September

 The Art School contained a small and intriguing museum of sculptured copies of Greek and Roman statues and relief panels of decorative art. I can remember the sculptures vividly as I drew everyone from every angle possible. They were Venus de Milo, Boy and Goose, Belvedere Torso, Michelangelo's Two Slaves,  and fantastic casts of decorative design. Whilst I was a student I was utterly entranced by these wonderful and historic replicas and studied them constantly with passion, and sketched them constantly by experimenting with pencil, charcoal and chalk, water colours and oils. I shall never forget the horror I experienced on the first morning of my release from the army. I was paralyzed with shock! It was a surrealistic scene. Dali and Picasso would have loved it. All the casts had been packed solid in the room which had a very poor roof. Shrapnel during the war must have punched holes in it and rain had dripped on the plaster casts and dissolved the plaster and consequently had accumulated in mounds on the floor and disappeared down the drains. The distorted casts seemed to have melted into bizarre sculptures and I felt empty and extremely sad at this awful and needless sight.

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