Modern British Art by Philip Naviasky: Portrait of a young girl, c.1920 |





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Philip Naviasky:
Portrait of a young girl, c.1920

Mounted (ref: 4312)


Pencil, 15 3/8 x 13 in. (39 x 33 cm.)

Tags: portraits women

Naviasky studied at Leeds School of Art and was then admitted as a student of painting at Royal Academy Schools at 18, (said to have been the youngest ever). He also gained a Royal Exhibition award from Board of Education for three years at Royal College of Art. Naviasky worked widely in Yorkshire as well as in Spain, the south of France, Morocco and elsewhere. Among his portraits were ones of Lord Nufield the industrialist, and the politicians Ramsay Macdonald and Philip Snowden. He showed at RA, RP, RSA and had a series of solo shows.

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