Modern British Art by Fyffe Christie: Portrait of the artists wife Eleanor |


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Fyffe Christie:
Portrait of the artists wife Eleanor

Framed (ref: 5578)
oil on panel
6 1/4 x 5 3/4 in. (16 x 14.5 cm.)


Provenance: in the artist’s possession until 1979; thence with
his wife Eleanor Christie-Chatterley until 2012.
Literature: Buckman, David, Nature and Humanity, The Work
of Fyffe Christie, 1918:1979, Sansom & Co, 2004

Christies met Eleanor in 1950 when teaching evening classes at the Glasgow School of Art. With his wife Eleanor, a sculptor, he moved to London in 1957 and again taught, while completing murals and much other work. Christie and his wife held a show at Woodlands Gallery in 1979, shortly before he died.

We are grateful to Eleanor Christie-Chatterley for assistance.

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