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Frank Brangwyn:
Old Sea Character in a Top Hat

Framed (ref: 5704)
Signed with initials
mixed media
25×19cm (9⅞×7½in)

Tags: men portraits

Provenance: William de Belleroche (nos 17-35 and 117); private collection
Exhibited: The Fine Art Society, March - April 2006, cat. no 40-59.
Literature: Horner/Liss, The Brangwyn Handbook, 2006, p 92-93.

This sketch formed part of a series produced as illustrations, referred to in a letter from Brangwyn to Martin Hardie:

˜By the way you remember I lent you one or two rough heads of Pirates etc for that Turpin[?] book, can you lay your hand on them as they were part of a collection which belongs to a publisher who wishes to publish the lot.'46

The characters depicted were as follows:
*Old Sea Character in a Bowler Hat, *Chief of Combatore, *Lion of Samsun, *Ralph Fitch, *Bearded Sea Captain, *An Armenian, Abraham Birdvod of Ipswich, 1522, Captain Chas, Coal King, His Richness of Bal, Isac Cutts, Keeper of a Low House, Man of Maratha, Mule Man, Old Boatman, Old Sailor, Patwawantin: The Ojibway Chief, Ralph Gonson, Sir E Osborn, Whaler of Rye.

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