Modern British Art by Frank Brangwyn: Winchelsea, 1908 |


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Frank Brangwyn:
Winchelsea, 1908

Mounted (ref: 5881)
Signed, inscribed Frank Brangwyn to Kenneth Center
Woodcut print by Urushibara after FB
7 x 16 in. (17.8 x 40.6 cm)

Tags: print landscape

Provenance: Kenneth Center

This woodcut of Winchelsea, Sussex, was designed by Brangwyn and carved and printed by Urushibara.  A copy is in the collection of the British Musuem and Brangwyn museum Brugge.

Center was a Scottish artist who assisted Brangwyn with British Empire and Rockefeller Center murals. Center was particularly useful because he could imitate the 'Master's' work faultlessly. He also acted as a model, took photographs and painted much of the upper sections of mural work particularly the Rockefeller panels.

'I remember ... the day some ambassadors came to honour him. He was so thrilled he started dancing on the lawn, and the ambassadors hooted with laughter.' (E K Center, quoted in 'My old boss was a real master ...' Evening Argus, 8 December 1975)

Center did a number of portraits of Brangwyn

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