Modern British Art | | W. Heath Robinson: A Nice Conclusion, circa 1918


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W. Heath Robinson:
A Nice Conclusion, circa 1918

Framed (ref: 5985)

Pen and ink
17" x 10" - 43 x 25.5 cm.
Inscribed with caption
"Enemy Aviator (beginning to realise) 'Himmel ! Surely I the zone of fire approaching be.' "Or the English version - "Aviator (beginning to realise) 'Surely I must be approaching the zone of fire.' "

Tags: illustration war WW-1 Paintings

Heath Robinson's style of illustration was so  original that his name has become a byword for a design or construction that is ‘ingeniously or ridiculously over-complicated’ (Oxford English Dictionary).  Know  by the popular press as the ‘Gadget King’ his illustrations evolved around his invention of  contraptions that mocked the products of the industrial age.

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