Modern British Art by Frank Brangwyn: The Market Place, Bruges, c 1916 (V-3609) |


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Frank Brangwyn:
The Market Place, Bruges, c 1916 (V-3609)

Framed (ref: 6257)
Woodcut, with yellow border in watercolour 

signed & inscribed "To Albert Belleroche" 
3 c 6 in (7.6 x 15.2 cm)

Tags: print

Brangwyn' had a life- long association with Brugge, starting with his birth in the town. He later bequeathed a large collection to the Arentshuis which today remains a Brangwyn museum.  The wartime date of this woodcut adds to the poignancy of this image with Belgium suffering greatly under the German occupation during WW1.  This is one of number of unique working proofs given by Brangwyn to his artist friend Albert de Belleroche and subsquently assembled into a substancial collection by his son William de Belleroche. The yellow border is likely to have been added by Brangwyn who enjoyed experimenting with colour and different qualities of paper when making his prints.

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