Modern British Art | | Mark Fisher: Cows and chickens, circa 1880


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Mark Fisher:
Cows and chickens, circa 1880

Unframed (ref: 7046)
Oil on canvas

13 x 13in. (33 x 33 cm.)

Tags: animals farms/domestic animals Realism

Provenance: Kenneth Rowntree; Sasha Devas

Fisher studied at Gleyre's Atelier in Paris in 1863, at the same time as Sisley. He returned to America - in effect exporting Impressionism across the Atlantic some years before Sargent, though from 1872 he settled in England. Fisher chiefly painted rural landscapes and village scenes, with rugged and energetic brushwork, which, in line with his training alongside the Impressionists, sought to capture a sense of time and place.  On an abstract level his pictures demonstrate a pre-occupation with different weather conditions and the capturing  of light and colour.

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