Modern British Art by Percy Horton: The Artist’s Daughter, Kay, c.1940 |



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Percy Horton:
The Artist’s Daughter, Kay, c.1940

Framed (ref: 919)

Pencil on paper, 
15 x 10 in. (39 x 26 cm) 

Tags: Impressionnists portraits women HORTON

Provenance: Kay Challoner, the artist’s daughter

‘Portraits, stripped of grandeur, familiar and unpretentious, are the subjects of Percy Horton’s art and it would be vain to search for glamorous attitudes or passionate preferences. The passion is in the love of the task, the integrity and complexity of the drawing, in the affectionate interpretation of familiar scenes and people’.
Rodrigo Moynihan, Introduction to the exhibition catalogue Percy Horton, Ashmolean Museum,
June-July 1964.

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