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Joan Lilian Ethel Herrin (1905-1995)

Printmaker and woodblock artist born in Hackney, London. Her only known exhibit was on a single occasion in 1930 at the Redfern Gallery noted for their championing of wood engravers. In early 1936 she married John Humphreys Whitfield a Professor of Italian at amongst other places Birmingham University. She died in Edgbaston, Birmingham a few days before her husband's demise. 

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Artist Joan Herrin: Saturday night at Hulls Corner, mid 1920s
Joan Herrin
Saturday night at Hulls Corner  Sold 
Artist Joan Herrin: Rooftops
Joan Herrin
Rooftops  Sold 
Artist Joan Herrin: Girl seated, reading, by a spinning wheel
Joan Herrin
Girl seated  Sold 
Artist Joan Herrin: Girl at a loom, mid 1930s
Joan Herrin
Girl at a loom, mid 1930's  Sold