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Artist Peter Wright: Bull
Peter Wright
Bull  For sale
Artist Frederick Carter: The Balance, c.1918
Frederick Carter
The Balance, c.1918  For sale
Artist Robert Austin: Boy and Calf, 1927
Robert Austin
Boy and Calf, 1927  For sale
Artist Robert Austin: Noel
Robert Austin
Noel  For sale
Artist James Woodford: Norwich Market, Prize Pig
James Woodford
Norwich Market, Prize Pig  For sale
Artist Charles Mahoney: Bonfire of the vanities, circa 1950
Charles Mahoney
Bonfire of the vanities, circa 1950  For sale
Artist John Sergeant: A Peacock and Peahen, mid 1980s
John Sergeant
A Peacock and Peahen, mid 1980s  Reserved 
Artist Edward Irvine Halliday: Stained glass window design with Swallow
Edward Irvine Halliday
Stained glass window design with...  For sale 
Artist James Woodford: Figurehead head with dolphins and seagulls to the base, circa 1938
James Woodford
Figurehead head with dolphins and...  Sold 
Artist James Woodford: The Dolphin - Statuette group, 1941
James Woodford
The Dolphin - Statuette group, 1941  Sold 
Artist Joseph Southall: Dante, 6 March 1913
Joseph Southall
Dante, 6 March 1913  Sold 
Artist Fyffe Christie: The Artists Cat, Carmen, circa 1955
Fyffe Christie
The Artist's Cat, Carmen, circa 1955  Sold 
Artist Frank Brangwyn: Studies of a dog
Frank Brangwyn
Studies of a dog  Sold 
Artist Raymond Sheppard: Studies of a hippopotamus
Raymond Sheppard
Studies of a hippopotamus  Sold 
Artist Raymond Sheppard: Hippopotamus
Raymond Sheppard
Hippopotamus  Sold