Phoebe Peto Willetts-Dickinson (1917-1978)

Nee Dickinson, Phoebe studied at Birmingham Art School and The Royal School of Art London between 1934 and 1940. 

During the second world war Phoebe served in the land army, it was here that she met Alfred, a conscientious objector who she married in 1942. 
First they lived in London and then later in the 1950's in Watford. 

Phoebe's early works concentrated on portraits, flowers and still lives, the colour and style very much the Modern British School of realism. 
Later when they moved to Cardiff in 1957 Phoebe and Alfred were early activists in the Direct Action Committee and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. She served 6 months in prison for civil disobedience for trying to block the entrance to the Atomic Weapons Research establishment at Foulness Island. 
In 1965 she was ordained a Deaconess. 

In the 1950's (in oils) and 1960's (when she experimented with different media) her style became increasingly surreal in spirit. Her paintings engaged predominantly with subjects deeply important to her; 'anti war', equal rights and the ordination of women.  

We are grateful to Ann Dowden (nee Willetts) for assistance.

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